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2019 Speakers 


Don DeSerannoDon DeSerrano: Foundations of Financial Freedom

Foundations of Financial Freedom is for kids and the parents of kids who want to make their own rules and have fun whenever they want, and don’t like being told what to do.  How can you become financially free to be forever in charge of yourself and your life? How young can you get started, and what are the first steps?  We will answer these questions and more as we lay the Foundations of Financial Freedom.



Ed ForteauEd Forteau









Lillie ForteauLillie Forteau

Lillie, always unschooled, is a writer, entrepreneur, graphic designer, and artist. She is a passionate musician (voice, ukelele, and guitar) and cosplayer, leading workshops in this field. Along with that, she is a master at home business, the founder of two businesses. She’s been to every single UWG.






Julie Bond Genovese: Aligning with the Soul’s Joy: Unschooling Ourselves from the BS (Belief Systems) 

More than any outer adversity, losses or challenges, our inner BS is the biggest block standing in the way of an awesome and fulfilling lifetime.  By consciously questioning our beliefs, we open up to greater possibilities and empowerment.  Carl Jung said, “The greatest burden a child must bear is the unlived life of the parents.” The clearer we are on our own path, the more loving we can be as parents.  The more devoted we feel to our own passions and soul-blissipline, the brighter example we become for our family and their unique dreams.  No matter what dificulities come our way, an open heart and mind align us with our best selves.  Join us for an interactive discussion on how to shift our daily focus toward greater peace, presence and inspiration.


Harmonizing Our Relationships (with Partners or Kids) using The Work Of Byron Katie

“The teacher you need is the person you’re living with.” -Byron Katie.  A conscious relationship (with ourselves, partners, kids or friends) is one of the most powerful tools for personal joy and spiritual growth.  By recognizing when we project our painful thoughts and feelings about ourselves, onto those closest to us, we can begin to free ourselves from confilict.  Relationships act as an insightful mirror of the denied aspects within ourselves.  What we judge or ignore within ourselves, we’ll notice crawling all over others.  By honoring our truth and “Loving What Is,” we can use any adversity as a catalyst for growth and compassion.  These wake-up calls from the soul teach us how to champion our true selves while learning to live peacefully with our families.  As we change our inner perspective, the healing and peace ripples outward.  join us in an interactive workshop and discussion on how to shift anger, overwhlem and judgement into mindfulness, freedom and love.


Raina Hodgson: Bus Build/Bus Life Round Table

Join or experienced bus build panelists at our Bus Build Round Table for a lively discussion of all things relating to bus conversion.  Share your stories, ask questions and meet other bus enthusiasts.






Fred Kluth:Demystifying Dungeons and Dragons: How D&D launches us into a world of imagination research and teamwork

In this engaging, light-hearted presentation, Dungeon Master Fred  shares his practical insights about the game and exactly how it’s a fun and exciting journey in an imaginative world of role playing where the by-products are the life skills learned.  He will enthusiastically share how fantastic the game is; cover the basics of game play; share heart-warming anecdotes about working with a team to achieve goals; discuss how to play out scenarios to resolve conflicts ; and discuss the hidden lessons learned.

Heather Schleidt








Dana Stewart






Jeff Vawter


Eric Viele









Jim Woodman: The Misinformation Superhighway

The internet can be a great source of information, but misinformation can travel just as quickly. How do you determine which items you should trust, and which items you should not? In this session, Jim Woodman will offer tips and tricks on how to find what you are looking for, and how to check out anything you hear about, to determine how credible it is.

Jim Woodman is an unschooling dad, who with his wife Sylvia, raises two awesome kids, Gabriella and Harry.  He has worked for Prudential for over 25 years, crunching numbers and developing life insurance products. Don’t worry, he won’t sell you anything, because he’s not licensed!  He is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, enjoys music, and makes his own beer.




Panels – Moderated by Eric Viele

Ask an Unschooled Teen

How did you____? Why did you_____?  If I want to help my kid do____, what should I do?  If you have questions like this, then come on down to the Ask an Unschooled Teen panel!  There will Talking!  Teenagers! Microphones!  And most importantly… ANSWERS!! How it works: walk in, sit down aska  panel of teen unschoolers your questions!

Teen Entrepreneurs 

Ever wanted to work for yourself?  Have a kid that wants to start their own business?  Then come on down to the teen entrepreneur panel!  Young adults who work for themselves will be on stage and ready to answer your questions!

Grown Unschoolers

Now, how does an uschooler swim from the sea of childhood into the ocean of grown human being status?  Well, good question… why not ask it at the Grown Unschoolers Panel!!  We’ve assembled a whole gaggle of grown, “mature” unschoolers ready to take your questions!