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FAIRY GODPARENTS This is a reciprocal game that you can sign up to play on Monday during registration. It is for all ages and when you sign up you become both a Fairy Godparent and a Fairy Godchild, so everyone gives and everyone receives, similar to secret santa. We request that everyone that signs up plans to play for the entire week so we don't have any disappointed participants. The idea is to make your Fairy Godchild feel special all week. TAG Signup at the TAB table during registration! Open to all ages. Everyone will get a wristband that identifies them as a participant. All-week tag is an excellent opportunity to run around with your friends and make new friends. We hope you will join us for some new tag variants, fantastic exercise, and a whole lot of fun! This will be a great chance to find your groove while at UWG! We can't wait to see you there! SSUDS Are you a dad? Join other unschooling dads at one of daily SSUDS (Secret Society of Unschooling Dads) meet ups. MUSIC JAMS Ready to JAM? All ages, all skill levels welcome! Bring you instrument and come jam out!


FAMILY FUN NIGHT-MONDAY MAY 20 Let’s kickoff UWG 2024 with a bang! There will be games and activities for people of all ages. Balloon animals, face painting, jumbo Jenga, musical chairs, limbo, potato sack races, inflatable sumo wrestling, and more! ZOMBIE TAG- MONDAY MAY 20 Will you survive the Zombie apocalypse? There are two teams, the zombies and the survivors! The zombies are trying to infect the survivors in hopes of creating a hoard and eliminating humanity. As Survivors, your goal is to stay far away from the undead. Survivors can run, while the zombies are limited by the stiffness in their legs and are forced to walk. WELCOME TO UWG-CONFERENCE Q&A-MONDAY MAY 20 Join the coordinating team for a quick introduction to UWG and Q&A session! GLOW IN THE DARK CAPTURE THE FLAG- TUESDAY MAY 21 This is an incredible opportunity to dash about with your friends -- capture your opponent's flag, and bring victory to your team. Everyone will get a glow stick wristband, and glow sticks will map out the playing field. We hope you will join us for an incredible time, fantastic exercise, and a whole lot of fun! UN-GRADUATION - TUESDAY MAY 21 If you are a teen or young adult that identifies as UN-graduating this year, then join us to celebrate this milestone in your life. We will have UN-diplomas, caps, and cake! Parents we will be requesting pictures and a short paragraph of anything you would like to say about/to your UN-grad. UWG MAGIC SHOW-TUESDAY MAY 21 Michael Mage is 50% Magician, 50% comedian, and 100% unique! He is amazing and has been entertaining families for 15 years. His quirky personality blends perfectly with his style of interactive magic. Michael will also be strolling in the casino following the show. COSMIC CASINO NIGHT- TUESDAY MAY 21 Try your luck at the Cosmic Casino! There will be a roulette wheel and a variety of card games such as Blackjack and Texas Hold Em’. Everyone will get poker chips to place their bets (all fun, no real money). Gamblers of all ages are welcome to try their luck at the tables at the Cosmic Casino. Grab a raffle ticket to enter to win some UWG swag. Winners will be drawn at the end of the night. COSPLAY SHOWCASE - TUESDAY MAY 21 Share the cosplay love with the rest of UWG! Anyone can participate in our Cosplay Showcase. You can go on stage as an individual or with a group. Don’t want to be in the showcase, but still love to dress up? That’s okay! We encourage all cosplayers to join in the fun on this day and stay in costume all day! Advanced sign up requested. MURDER MYSTERY - TUESDAY MAY 21 Love a good murder mystery? This is an opportunity to figure out whodunnit! There is no minimum age for the murder mystery, but please note there are adult themes (murder, scandal, etc) and players will need to read from a script or memorize a few short lines. Role players must commit to remaining in the murder mystery for the duration of the mystery portion of the game, which will take about 90 mins. Please feel free to dress the part - but its not required to participate (theme will be space traveler themed)! Advanced sign required. UWG TALENT SHOW- TUESDAY MAY 21 Have a unique talent or skill you’d like to share? We are a very supportive crowd, so please come and show us what you can do! In the past we have had participants read poetry, play a musical instrument, show us their awesome dance moves or gymnastics skills. Advanced sign up required. KIDS MARKETPLACE- WEDNESDAY MAY 22 The best marketplace around! Kids bring your handmade or gently used items to sell (NO food sales allowed). Make a sign to display on your table if you’d like and be sure to include prices. Always a good idea to bring small bills and coins to make change. This market is for kids only! You get a dedicated space to do business without competition from parents. BOFFERS - WEDNESDAY MAY 22 Boffers is basically fencing with homemade foam swords! It's incredibly fun to participate. We will have a boffer making workshop the day before. We will also be posting DIY instructions soon! UWG GROUP PICTURE - WEDNESDAY MAY 22 Let’s gather everyone together and take an unforgettable picture. We have an awesome TAB member who will be using their drone to capture all you beautiful people. FAMILY MOVIE NIGHT - WEDNESDAY MAY 22 We will have back to back movies playing on a large screen in the ballroom. Bring a cozy blanket, favorite beverage, and settle in! HENNA FUN NIGHT - WEDNESDAY MAY 22 Runs concurrent to family movie night. Come and create a beautiful henna design on yourself or a friend. We mix up an enormous batch of henna. We provide small bottles with fine tips for easy application (also will have dixie cup with toothpicks if you prefer). With the help of your imagination and creativity, you can create the most beautiful designs. There will be stencils and idea books if you need a little help! TEEN DANCE - WEDNESDAY MAY 22 Are you ready to move and groove!? Strike the lights and hit up the dance floor! Come join us for UWG's TEEN DANCE! Our theme this year is HALLOWEEN we can't wait to see all of your amazing costumes and killer dance moves! The first 90 minutes of the dance will be quieter, for those sensitive to loud noise, and the rest of the dance will be at a louder volume. STUFFED ANIMALS NIGHT OUT - WEDNESDAY MAY 22 Bring your stuffed animal to family movie night. The stuffed animals are going to run wild in the Kalahari while you sleep. TAB members (Teen Action Board) are going to be there to capture pictures of their shenanigans. The next morning your stuffed animal will be waiting for you at the registration window. NERF WARS - THURSDAY MAY 23 This is an all ages family friendly event, where we pitch two teams against each other in a variety of games. Regular/standard/unmodified Nerf guns using standard size darts ONLY allowed during the family friendly slot. MODDED NERF WARS - THURSDAY MAY 23 This is for all of those who love to up the ante. Bring your modified nerf guns. Join fellow NERF lovers to explore modifications that elevate your blaster game to new heights. Bring your blasters along without-of-the-box ideas and accessories. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, this session is the perfect opportunity to practice your sharpshooting skills and show off your Nerf arsenal for some foam-flinging fun. SILENT DISCO - THURSDAY MAY 23 Love to dance to the beat of your own drummer/music? Well then you will LOVE the silent disco. This is a unique music/dancing experience where all guests are wearing specially designed wireless light up headphones. There are three different colors to switch between, and each color is playing a different genre of music. You can change channels anytime, and see what channels others are listening to by looking at the color/lights on their headphones. If you take off the headphones, its completely silent...well maybe except for those singing out loud along with the music! FAMILY DANCE - THURSDAY MAY 23 The last hurrah of UWG 2024! DJ Lil’ Heat will be playing tunes that will make everyone want to get on the dance floor! The first part of the event will be geared more towards the younger kids and be a little quieter. As they night progresses, the volume will increase and the music will transition!


MONDAY -Registration & Gear Pickup -Welcome Banner Creation -Game/Hangout Room with Kids Corner -Teen Room -How to Train My Brain - Debra Wallace -Henna Bonding - Tiffany DeVries -Teen Henna -Werewolves Legacy Session 1- Max Vernooy -Daily Drum Circle - Chris Conomy -Teen Icebreakers - TAB (Teen Action Board) -Teen Speed Friending - TAB -Tween Icebreakers - TAB -Tween Trust Circle - TAB TUESDAY -Registration & Gear Pickup -Unschooling Q&A -Teen Room -Game/Hangout Room with Kids Corner -Care for the Care Givers - Debra Wallace -Blood on the Clocktower Clark Patterson -They’re Here: UAP Discussion - Rob Dalton -Werewolves Legacy Session 2 - Max Vernooy -Nintendo Switch Games - Kimberly Pleva -Lindy Hop - Max Vernooy -Henna Bonding - Tiffany DeVries -Daily Drum Circle - Chris Conomy -Dodgeball - TAB -Boffer Making Session WEDNESDAY -Game/Hangout Room with Kids Corner -Teen Room -Grown Unschoolers Panel -Pick a Marriage/Family Therapists Brain - Debra Wallace -Crafternoon - Megan Engelmann -Enneagram - Heather Schleidt -Werewolves Legacy 3 - Max Vernooy -Heart Brain Coherence Mediation - Tiffany DeVries -Nerf Mania Show and Share - Ethan Pleva -Daily Drum Circle - Chris Conomy -Teen Trust Circle - TAB THURSDAY -Tai Chi - Jacqueline Agar -Swiftie Hangout - Jessie Sloop -Raising Money-Smart Kids to Adulthood - Pamela Knapp -I AM Workshop - Tiffany DeVries -DIY Paper Dolls - Hannah King -Werewolves - Ben Stewart-Rynone -Family Scavenger Hunt -Mini Erasers - Rose Guillette -Polyamory & Queer Relationships - Volt Ouroboros -Ninja School 101 - Penelope Hoolihan -Jig Saw Challenge - Sarah & Jessie Sloop -Shakespeare’s Original Formula - Volt Ouroboros

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