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Our galactic mission:

Unschoolers’ Waterpark Gathering aims to…

🛸 create a community where families meet from across the globe to share in a felt sense of respect and honor for their unique choice to unschool

🛸 curate an uplifting, nurturing atmosphere that fosters inspired participation based on curiosity and a sense of wonder

🛸 provide opportunities for awesome and wholesome family fun…from the wee ones to the not-so-wee ones


Our earthbound vision:

🌎 be a gathering that families want to return to…again…and again…and again… 


Tell me more about the UWG attendee experience!

  • UWG is an unforgettable experience that offers the opportunity to connect with a diverse group of people and be inspired from some of the brightest minds in the unschooling community.

  • You'll have the freedom to select activities that speak to your interests and passions, making for a truly personalized experience

  • Each day offers a variety of main events and activities for families to enjoy together, as well as, teens/tweens only focused events.

  • Listen and engage with some amazing speakers in the unschooling community.

  • Attend our Q&A panels, where you can ask questions about unschooling, learn from grown unschoolers and ask questions to unschooled teens.

  • We offer funshops, which are designed to offer  workshops, chat sessions, and engaging activities revolving around a variety of skills, crafts, hobbies, and games.

  • Every day there will be main events geared towards families as well as specific teen only events. 

  • The real highlight of the event is the sense of belonging and acceptance among attendees - pop a squat in one of the comfy chairs and strike up a conversation with someone new, and you'll quickly find that you've found your people.

  • Attendees are free to enjoy the waterpark, hot tubs, arcade, and restaurants whenever they need a break from the conference activities.

  • Get ready to make lifelong memories and forge meaningful connections with kindred spirits. 

When should we arrive for the conference?  How long should we stay?

  • Although our conference officially starts on Monday afternoon and ends Thursday evening, many attendees arrive a day early! 

  • Whether its to beat traffic, hit the waterpark, sneak in an extra vacation day, or just settled in before the big week begins; you are welcome to enjoy the UWG rooms rates for a day before and a day after the official conference dates.

  • There is a potluck that takes place in the directors room Sunday evening.  Room numbers will be posted on Sunday afternoon on the Facebook page and our UWG discord server.

  • Our big family dance is on Thursday from 8p-midnight, so plan on staying until Friday!

​Is UWG for kids of all ages?

  • 100%!  UWG is a one-of-a-kind conference experience that is designed to be fun and all-inclusive. We understand that unschooling is not just for kids of a certain age, which is why we have a dedicated play area for our littlest attendees. Their parents can relax and socialize in the nearby lounge area (same room) while their children play.

  • For teens, we have an entire ballroom where they can hang out...and maybe meet some new friends!

How can I be a speaker, run a funshop, or volunteer?

  • Currently our submissions for speakers and funshops are closed.  However we always leave a few extra slots for late submissions.  Please email us at and let us know what you are interested in doing!  We will do our best to accommodate!

  • Volunteers are ALWAYS welcome :)  Click on the volunteer tab on this website and fill out the form.  If we didn't have volunteers like you, there would be no UWG!  Thank you!

Where can I find the UWG Facebook group and discord server?  What if I have more questions?

What should I pack for UWG??
Here is a list to get you started!  

How much is registration? How do I register?

  • Go to our registration page to register. 

  • You pay one registration fee per family living in the same household.

  • Please do not combine families under the same registration.  We are run by volunteers, and the registrations fees make EVERYTHING possible.  

  • Registration prices depends on when you are registering.  There is early bird ($100, ends September 25th 2023), regular price ($125, from September 25th-April 19th), and on site registration ($150). 

  • Registration closes one month before the conference.  After that, you are able to register on-site on the Monday at the conference. 

  • You do not have to attend all days of the conference, however there is not a discounted rate for attending only a day or two.

What is and is not included with my registration? What is the total cost for this conference?

  • Your registration fee is only for the conference.  It includes access to all events, speakers, presentations, and funshops.  You will also get a name badge and printed schedule.

  • Your hotel room is separate, and there are many choices for every budget.  UWG has deeply discounted rooms.  When you register you get a link to book your room with our discount. 

  • Travel and food is not included with registration fees.

What are the food options in and around the resort?

  • The Kalahari has many food options.  They have sit down restaurants as well as quick eats!  Click here to check out all the choices available at the resort.

  • Meijer, Walmart, and Target stores are within a 5-10 min drive from the resort if you want to make your own food.

  • There are restaurants galore near the resort in Sandusky.

Who is running UWG??

  • UWG is all run by volunteers!  It is co-directed by Natalie DuMont and Michele Kowalski, as well as a team of dedicated and tireless group of coordinators and volunteers who make speakers, funshops, and main events TRULY a team effort.  

  • We are also very lucky to have the TAB (Teen Advisory Board) who are an integral part of the UWG team.  They plan and run many of the teen events.  

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