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What is a funshop?

  • Do you have a hobby or something you are passionate about that you are willing to share? It could be a game, a craft, a popular toy, or an idea.

  • There are a limited number of slots, so not all submissions will be accepted.

  • Funshops are free to attend and typically last an hour, and they can be attended – and hosted – by anyone.

  • The host is responsible for any materials needed for the funshop, although some people request that participants bring items if they have them to share.

  • Some examples of funshops include Werewolves, D&D, Yoga, Crochet & Knitting, Learn the Thriller Dance, Lip Sync Battle…the list goes on and on!

  • Food funshops: we are unable to host any food related funshops.

  • AV Needs: We are unable to provide AV setup/access for any funshops.  We can help brainstorm ways to include music, etc., if you need it (we love those portable speakers you hook up to your phone!).

  • Have questions? Email


Submit your funshop today (see below)!  There are a limited number of slots, so not all submissions can be accepted.


Please Fill Out All Required Sections

Thank YOU for submitting your funshop idea!

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