UWG is run entirely by volunteers – and we’d love your help.

As those of you who’ve been to the UWG before know, part of the reason that it’s such success is the work of our volunteers! AND, best of all, no experience is needed!! All training is provided on the spot.

You may be thinking, “Well, I’ve never been to a UWG before. I don’t know how things are done. I can’t volunteer.”

Never fear!! Volunteering is a great way to get to know others at the conference. There are opportunities for those that might feel more outgoing (Greeters), those that are more reserved (Registration/Henna), and those that are good for everyone (Family Fun Night). There are opportunities that your children can help you with– Family Fun Night being a really good choice, but depending on your child they may be able to be helpful with just about any of the other positions.


Help people get checked in to the conference- collect needed information, hand out conference name badges and other conference information.  Hand out preordered T-shirts and help sell any extras.  Help register people on site.

Fairy Godparents Sign-Up or Pick-up Table Staffer 

This job involves sitting at the Fairy Godparents table to help people fill out their fairy godparents forms and answer any questions they may have about how fairy godparents works. If you’ve participated in fairy godparents in the past, this may be a good job for you. If not, we can provide you with all of the information you need. For pick-up, you’ll be helping people select a fairy godchild and record the information.

Family Fun Night

We’ll need volunteers for: hair spray, temp tattoos, balloon animal tamers 😉 . In addition, we’ll need people to help with group games and ice breakers.

Henna Fun Night

We need a few volunteers to help with the Henna Fun Night Tuesday night. Setting up, helping distribute supplies to people as they arrive, and help cleaning up afterward. This is a really great activity. If you’re interested in helping decorate others, that is welcome also.

This year we also need help in the following areas:

Kids’ Marketplace – Helping kids find tables in a quick and organized way, helping with traffic flow through the room.

SSUDS open discussion– we are looking for 1 to 2 dads to help facilitate.

Cosplay judges – we are looking for 3, if you have any costuming or cosplay experience, please add that info to your form.

Experienced unschoolers -to be mentors in a casual mentoring meet up, to pair up with families that may have unschooling questions.

Scavenger Hunt -we need a few people that don’t plan to be on a scavenger hunt team to be at a (to be disclosed later) location in the resort to be found by the hunters.