Funshops are workshops with an emphasis on FUN!

Minecraft funshops
Minecraft funshop

What is a funshop?

  • Do you have a hobby or something you are passionate about that you are willing to share? It could be a game, a craft, a popular toy, or an idea.
  • Funshops are free to attend. Funshops typically last an hour, and they can be attended – and hosted – by anyone.
  • The host is responsible for any materials needed for the funshop, although some people request that participants bring items if they have them, such as materials for artist trading cards, at an ATC funshop.
  • Some examples of funshops include painted mandalas, shopkins, Pokemon, Dr. Who, my little pony, Hamilton, Minecraft, making a vision board, swing dancing…the list goes on and on!


Playground games funshop
Playground games funshop


UWG Funshops run daily throughout the conference, providing entertainment and learning opportunities for all ages. Presenters supply their own materials and facilitate their own funshops.  You may be required to bring items to participate in a funshop, please read the descriptions closely.

Food funshops: we are unable to host any food related funshops.

AV Needs: We are unable to provide AV setup/access for any funshops. I can help brainstorm ways to include music, etc., if you need it (we love those portable speakers you hook up to your phone!).

Have questions? Email

Funshop submissions are closed for 2023.

Game Rules



* A weapon that obeys the safety rules. 

* Safety glasses.

* Red and blue shirts, for team identification purposes.

* Parents are responsible for monitoring their own children.



* All weapons used must have at least 1” of padding on striking surfaces, at least 0.5” of padding on flats, at least 1.5” of padding on tips, and at least 0.5” of padding on pommels. The ends must be at least 2.5 inches wide, which makes them safe for eye sockets.

* Shields must have at least 2” of padding on the front, as well as 1/2″ of padding around the edges.

* Arrows, NERF darts, and other projectiles are not allowed.

* All weapons and shields used must be approved by a referee.

* Safety glasses are required.

* This is a full contact funshop. Play at your own risk.

* A tap counts just as much as a strong hit. Please control your attacks.

* Dangerous or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.

* There will be two funshops – one for children under 12, and one for ages 12+.

Game Types:

* Free For All: Last person left alive wins.

* Team Deathmatch: Last team left alive wins.

* Capture the Flag: Played by 2 teams. 30 second respawns. The first team to bring the opposing team’s flag to their base wins.

* Kill the King: One person on each team is designated as the king. 30 second respawns. If a team’s king is killed, that team loses.

* Hidden King: Same as previous, except the identity of the king is unknown to the opposing team.

* Healers and Minions: Works like Team Deathmatch except each team has a healer. A Healer has 3 lifes and can bring teammates back to life, but isn’t able to kill.

Glow In The Dark Capture The Flag


* To tag someone, you must touch them with at least one hand while at least one part of their body is on your side of the room.

* If you are tagged, you must walk directly to the other team’s jail. 

* While walking to jail, you cannot tag someone, get in someone’s way, pick up or move a flag, or be freed from jail. If you are holding a flag when you are tagged, you must immediately set it down where you were tagged. 

* No throwing the flag.

* When you tag your opponent’s jail or anyone inside of it, everyone inside of it is immediately free and must leave the jail. You and everyone who was just freed can be immediately tagged and sent back to jail, but cannot go back to tag the jail until after you have made it back to your side of the room.

* If there is a flag on your side of the room, and that flag is not in the flag zone, you should pick it up and put it in your flag zone.

* Players cannot be within their own flag zone, or within 10 feet of their own jail, unless a free opponent is also within those boundaries.

* If you take a break from the game, you should immediately leave the playing area. If you join, or return in the middle of a game, you must start on your side of the room, and must announce to everyone nearby that you’re joining, and then wait 10 seconds.

* If you were in jail when you took a break from the game, you must start in jail if you want to return. You still have to announce to everyone nearby that you’re rejoining, and then wait 10 seconds.

* Because this game is played in the dark, there is some danger of someone getting hurt. Please play at your own risk, and be careful of other players and objects. It is also important that you are respectful of everyone’s personal space.

* Dangerous or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. 

* All players should keep their glow sticks on and in view at all times.

* Any issues that come up during the game should be brought to the attention of a referee.

* If there is ever an emergency, you should immediately stop where you are and shout “lights on.” If you hear someone else shouting “lights on,” you should immediately stop and repeat “lights on.” The game will resume when the emergency has been dealt with and all players are ready.


What to Bring:

* Safety Glasses. A limited number of pairs will be available for purchase at the event.

* Labeled NERF Blasters. Weaponry must be labeled in case it is lost or misplaced. Modifications are permitted, however all blasters must have an orange barrel tip.

* Red and Blue T-Shirts, for team identification purposes.


What Not to Bring:

* Darts. We will be providing all darts. Any darts brought to the event will be considered a donation.

* Foam Swords or other melee weaponry is not permitted.

* Non-Standard Blasters. We only provide standard (micro) darts, anything that fires mega darts, disks, arrows, balls, rockets, etc. is not allowed, as you will have no ammo to use.

Zombie Tag

* Zombies must walk. They are not allowed to run, jump, lunge, speed walk, skip, etc. Zombies should be moving slowly.

* To keep the game moving, if there is ever a disagreement about whether or not a player was tagged, then they are tagged.

* If someone asks if you are a zombie or survivor, you must answer truthfully, either verbally or with your thumb. Thumbs up means survivor, thumbs down means zombie.

* If you take a break from the game, immediately leave the playing area. If you return or join a game in the middle you will be a zombie. Before you join, you must announce to everyone nearby that you are joining, and then wait 10 seconds.

* No climbing over or crawling under furniture.

* Any issues that come up during the game should be brought to the attention of a referee.


Note: funshop times and locations may change.

Please note: Participation in any event, funshop or activity at UWG is voluntary and entirely at your own risk. Participants acknowledge that the organizers of Unschoolers’ Waterpark Gathering and their agents will not be held liable for any injury, loss or damage arising from participating in this event.

You should understand that when participating in any physically active funshop, there is the possibility of physical injury. If you choose to participate, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself, and agree to release and discharge Unschoolers’ Waterpark Gathering from any and all claims or causes of action, known or unknown.