Funshop Descriptions

Playtime for Littles

Jennel will be leading an assortment of games intended for the under 10 crowd.  Come join her to make new friends and have fun!


Tween Speed Friending

First year at UWG? Been here before and looking for new people to meet? Just want to talk to your fellow tweens? Join us for some Tween Speed Friending! It’s a great opportunity to make new friends at UWG.

Open to ages 10-13.


Teen Speed Friending

First year at UWG? Been here before and looking for some new faces to befriend? Just wanna talk to your fellow teens? Then teen speed friending is for you! This is your opportunity to create new friendships during UWG! What are you waiting for? Join us for some Teen Speed Friending!

Welcome for ages 13-19.


Pokemon Cards

Calling all trainers to bring their Pokemon Card collections for this low-key hangout. Attendees can play TCG, or just casually check out each other’s collections. Trading cards is an option for those interested. Any size of collection and level of experience in the world of Pokemon is welcome!


Teen Ice Breakers


Adult Speed Friending

It’s like speed dating, but for friendships! Whether this is your first year at UWG or you are a long time attendee, this is a great opportunity to meet new people and start off the week right. Age 18+ only- there will be separate speed friending events for kids and teens.


Pride Jewelry & Crafts

Bottle cap jewelry, keychains, and zipper pulls, with an emphasis on LGBTQIA Pride imagery. We will have other imagery along with supplies to draw your own, too.


Tarot & Oracle

Readers, collectors, newbies, and querents are all welcome to come hang out together! Give and get readings, show off your decks, share tips, and talk about divination and cartomancy. New and inexperienced readers are welcome to come and learn about symbolic associations, spreads, and tricks for their readings. You are more than welcome to bring multiple decks if you have them. The funshop is primarily for tarot and cartomancy, but other kinds of divination are welcome if you would like to share. If you know nothing about tarot, you are welcome to join and watch, and ask questions if you want to!


Clay Jewelry Making

Come create clay jewelry with us!! I’ll supply the clay, tools, and accessory pieces. After creating, I’ll bake your creations and return them to you.


Learn the Thriller Dance

Let’s learn the dance to Michael Jackson’s famous “Thriller” song! If you’re a dancer or not, all are welcome! It’s fun for the whole family! Come learn the dance, and we will perform it at the family dance on Thursday night!


Teen Karaoke

Love to sing?  Enjoy performing? Want to cheer on your friends? Don’t be afraid to come and have fun with fellow teens at karaoke. No pressure to perform, you are welcome to come and cheer on the singers and enjoy the music.  Ages 13+


Teen Crafts


Werewolf Games

Come play this classic game with a twist. You won’t regret it. Oh, and bring a friend or two, but fair warning…they may be your downfall! This is a funshop for teens and adults. We will play my unique version of Werewolf which will require tricks, mind reading, Sherlock Holmes level deductive reasoning, and most of all plain old fun! The more the merrier! See you there!


Zombie Tag

Will you survive the Zombie apocalypse? Come join us to find out!  There are two teams, the zombies and the survivors! The zombies are trying to infect the survivors in hopes of creating a hoard and eliminating humanity. As Survivors, your goal is to stay far away from the undead.  Survivors can run, while the zombies are limited by the stiffness in their legs and are forced to walk.


Book Club & Book Swap

2023 UWG Book Club: This year’s book is “A Room of One’s Own” by Virginia Woolf.  The book swap will be held after the book discussion, please bring your gently used books to swap.


All Ages Dodgeball


Tune Battle: Anime vs. Video Games

Huge video game fan? Or a big anime nerd? Come help lead your team to victory, by guessing theme songs, tunes and ending credits music from a wide range of anime and video games! Don’t feel like participating in the epic battle? No problem, just come on in and enjoy some tunes! 🙂 (Cosplay and costumes encouraged!)


Pokemon Go

We are going to be going around Kalahari resort and playing Pokemon Go so bring your phone and let’s catch them all!



Come and play with Beyblades or other spinning tops! We will bring one (battered) battle arena. Bring your own Beyblades or come and see what it’s about!


Dungeons & Dragons and Call of Cthulhu

Join us for tabletop roleplaying on Tuesday: a D&D fishing competition with David at one table, and a Call of Cthulhu murder mystery with Alex at the other. Beginners welcome, but please sign up in advance as space is limited!


Casino Funshop

Back for 2023: The Golden Gorilla Family Friendly Casino and Murder Mystery DOUBLE FUNSHOP! Our next murder mystery is set in a Prohibition-era Jazz Club/speakeasy. Watch for some coming posts with more details about the characters, but here’s your cue to keep an eye out for costumes and props if you want to dress the part.

You do NOT need to dress up or be in costume to participate in either the casino or the murder mystery, but it definitely adds to the experience!

Also watch for a Casino Table Games funshop during UWG, if you want to learn or practice.



Please bring a mat.  We have two sessions of Kundalini style yoga scheduled for this year.


Teen Dance Mask Making


Fiber Friends Social Circle

Yarn crafters are invited to bring their work(s)-in-progress to work on while we chat, share ideas, or just craft side-by-side.


Knit & Crochet and Yarn Swap

Bring your current knitting, crochet, or other needlework project and hang out with us! We’ll also have a swap table: bring your extra yarn, needles, patterns, etc. (barter/gift only, no sales).


How to Win at Games



Bring your homemade boffer (foam sword) and join in an assortment of games and battles.   Requirements:

* A weapon that obeys the safety rules.

* Safety glasses.

* Red and blue shirts, for team identification purposes.

* Parents are responsible for monitoring their own children.


* All weapons used must have at least 1” of padding on striking surfaces, at least 0.5” of padding on flats, at least 1.5” of padding on tips, and at least 0.5” of padding on pommels. The ends must be at least 2.5 inches wide, which makes them safe for eye sockets.

* Shields must have at least 2” of padding on the front, as well as 1/2″ of padding around the edges.

* Arrows, NERF darts, and other projectiles are not allowed.

* All weapons and shields used must be approved by a referee.

* Safety glasses are required.

* This is a full contact funshop. Play at your own risk.

* A tap counts just as much as a strong hit. Please control your attacks.

* Dangerous or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.

* There will be two funshops – one for children under 12, and one for ages 12+.


Computer Science & Coding

Come learn computer programming with this easy and fun lesson designed for kids.  Please bring a laptop to participate.


Jackbox Games

Come and play some Jackbox party pack games! Take note, the games are usually targeted at an older audience but family friendly mode will be enabled regardless. All you need to bring is a mobile device or any device that has an internet browser!


Stretching for the Splits

oin us to work together through a series of stretches to increase flexibility. Doing these stretches daily might even give you your splits eventually! All ages and abilities are welcome. If possible, wear comfy clothing for stretching and bring a yoga mat.




Pure Romance (18+ ONLY)

Hi ladies!! I am Theresa Posten, your Pure Romance Consultant! ♡ This event is for ladies 18+ only! Please RSVP ahead of time to verify age or be prepared to show ID at the door. No kids (including breastfed or worn babies) are allowed in the room during my show. (We are working on getting some teenagers and Dads together to entertain the littles so Moms can have some ME TIME! Let me know if you’re interested in volunteering for that ♡) Attendees of this FunShop will get a chance to be Edu-Tained by MEEE You will get to see, smell and taste most of our amazing Pure Romance products! We’ll be playing some games and there will be prizes! ♡♡ I am bringing my inventory All ordering is done confidentially in the separate Shopping area! You can shop one on one with me or bring a partner in to help order I accept cash, check, credit, debit, FB pay or PayPal. Your wish list is going to grow FAST throughout the party! Be ready! The party is open for orders now, so you can get your order in ahead of time and I can bring it with me that Sunday to the Kalahari, if you want. Browse my website or my Facebook group and then contact me however you are comfortable and I’ll get you all set up with your goodies! And, also watch my commercial. ♡ It’s old, but it’s still super cute lol soo bossy, sorry

Dungeons & Dragons and Troika

Join us for tabletop roleplaying on Wednesday: a Mad Max D&D game with David at one table, and an adventure to a bazaar in Troika with Alex at the other. Beginners welcome, but please sign up in advance as space is limited!


Self Defense

Are you interested in becoming a ninja? Well, this is the place to start!! I will teach you some basic self-defense and killer ninja moves. I am a black belt and have been studying martial arts for about 5 years. I am so excited to teach you some of my knowledge. We will go over situational awareness, learning about your most important weapon, and yes… ninja karate skills. All ages are welcome, suggested ages 8+.


Glow in the Dark Capture the Flag

Join us for GLOW IN THE DARK CAPTURE THE FLAG! Glow in the Dark Capture the Flag is an incredible opportunity to dash about with your friends — capture your opponent’s flag, and bring victory to your team. Everyone will get a glow stick wristband, and glow sticks will map out the playing field. We hope you will join us for an incredible time, fantastic exercise, and a whole lot of fun!

-Please be careful! It is easy to trample others in the dark!

-Use caution and please heed to the rules, given by the TAB members. If not followed you will be asked to leave.

-Rules are for your safety along with everyone else’s!

-Most important of all, have fun!


Seed Swap & Garden Round Table

Let’s swap seeds!  Please bring marked packets of extra seeds to share with your fellow gardeners.  Any seeds are acceptable, but please put as much information as possible on your packets.  We will also have a garden round table discussion.


Talk With Your Hands

Are you interested in learning Sign Language? Come join me as I teach some of the basics of American Sign Language (ASL). I will teach you some basic culture, vocabulary, and we will have fun with it! All ages are welcome, suggested age is 8+. Bring friends and family, the more the merrier!


Lip Sync Battle

Join us for a tournament-style lip sync battle! Lip sync to your favorite songs as a solo performer or as a group. Our judges will decide the winning acts to advance to the next round. The winner of the final round will be crowned the lip sync battle champion. Sign up in advance (details forthcoming) with your name and/or stage name. Props and costumes are highly encouraged, but not required!


Rivals of Aether

Rivals of Aether is a pixelated fighting game that’s very similar to Super Smash Bros, but with the usage of the Steam Workshop for custom characters and maps. The tournament will be 1v1 bracket styled but if there are a lot of people then teams will be formed. The first 15-30 minutes of the funshop will be practice rounds for anyone that is new to the game or needs a refresher.


Mushroom Drawing

Come enjoy drawing mushrooms or anything else that calls to you!


Thriller Dance Practice

This is a refresher for our Thriller Dance funshop which is hosted on Monday.


Clothing Tattoo & Embroidery

Do you have a hole in your sweater to cover up? Do you want to add some pizzazz to a pair of jeans or a t-shirt? Come to the clothing tattoo funshop and learn some easy stitches to update your clothing and have some creative fun.


Board & Card Games

We have assorted games (monopoly, ticket to ride, Catan, scattergories, pictionary, cards, chess) for people of all ages to play.


Teen Poetry

It’s poetry time! Need some help writing the perfect verse? If you’re new to poetry or want to share your favorite lines with people who appreciate them, then come join us for a two-hour Poetry Hang! The first hour will be writing and editing poetry! Feel free to share and help each other as you develop your unique style! The only rule is to support each other as we all become better poets! The second hour is devoted to sharing poems! Please write your name on the list so we can all take turns under the limelight. Share your  poem, or a published one you love (make sure to share the poet’s name of course) and listen to others do the same!

Welcome for all ages, but mature topics may come up.


Swing Dancing & Line Dancing

The fun shop would be a dance starting off with a lesson. Swing dancing, practicing and learning lifts and dips, learning the basic steps of swing dancing, and doing some line dances like Footloose and Cupid Shuffle. A lesson for the first 20 minutes or so for those new to dancing, and a place to try out any more advanced lifts and dips for people who already know the basics or who want to know some fun moves you can add to impress at any dance.



Come enjoy the classic card game. Bring a friend or two, but be warned… they may be your downfall!