Cosplay Contest

The Cosplay Contest is scheduled for Wednesday, May 25th, 2022  from 11:30-1:00.  You must register in advance.  This contest is open to all ages.  Prizes will be awarded to three divisions: youth, adults, and groups.  Remember to bring a reference picture of your character(s) to the contest with you for our judges!

Cosplay Entry

Cosplay Entry Form
  • If you are a solo competitor please enter your name. If you are a cosplay group, please enter the name of one contact person for your group.
  • Enter the email address of the participant or the contact person for a group.
  • Youth competition is generally reserved for those 18 and under, adult competition for those 18 and over. If you are participating with a group, try to choose the category which best represents the most people in your group.
  • If you are a solo competitor, enter the name of your cosplay character. If you are a cosplay group, enter the name of your group. You will be able to enter the individual names of your group members and their characters later.
  • How many are competing with this entry.
  • If you are competing as a group, please enter the name of each contestant and the character they are cosplaying.
  • The following questions are so the judges can get to know more about you and your cosplay character.

  • Tell us something special about your costume build, what was challenging or what part of your costume you are most proud of.
  • Reference Photos

    Please plan to bring a reference photo of your character or group of characters. This will assist the judges in accessing the accuracy of your costume.