Kim Lowery Main Events Coordinator

Kim was born and raised in Girard, Ohio. She ventured off to southern California for several years before moving back to Ohio after the birth of her first kid. Now with 3 amazing young adults, Kim is a single unschooling mom.  Her family has attended every UWG and she has been a coordinator since 2010.   She is a self employed Licensed Massage therapist with a passion for food forests, edible landscaping and permaculture.  Her always unschooled family shares many adventures on their small farm in Northeast Ohio.


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Funshops Coordinator


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Online Registration Coordinator

Dennis Wolf

Performing Arts Coordinator

2023 Teen Advisory Board 

Jennel Benson, TAB Coordinator

TAB Members

Volt, Lynx, Ruti, Corinna, Jack, Jonah, Penelope, Roel, Qibli, Bella, Helen, Michael and Leif